Brown’s Brewing Company 8-30-13

stuff we see at venues vol. 2



now i know what you thinking:  “wait a minute near north, wasn’t your ‘stuff we see at venues’ series intended to highlight absurd and unusual observances from the seedy places you play?  this is just a picture of your name written on paper; i was expecting to see some underbelly damnit!”

and to you, devoted post-follwer, i say “hear me out.  though it seems ordinary, this picture suggests a highly unusual and quite absurd point in our evening.”

each summer, vermont’s premier rock concert venue hosts a semi-weekly showcase for local bands.  it gives up and coming local acts a chance to perform on a stage that might otherwise be out of reach, it’s fun, we did it last year too.  part of the appeal for the bands is getting a higher quality sound experience; they have bigger and badder equipment than most other venues and a dedicated sound guy.  it’s remarkably refreshing to not have to set up you own mics, be able to say things like “can i get a little less bass in my monitor” and most importantly, feel just a little bit like a rockstar while doing so all while knowing you are going to sounds great.  beyond that however, it’s much like any other gig we might have.  we don’t normally get actual rockstar privileges like an insane amount of whiskey in the rider or a boot filled with green m&m’s backstage, but its still cool.

i say “normally” because this time we got a tiny taste of that extra fun stuff when we were granted…green room access.  cue oos and ahhs.

we don’t know exactly how, but our buddy john from seamus the great (with whom we were sharing the stage that night) was granted the favor of green room access for his band and john was kind enough to share.  we were walking in the back door and john told us to follow him upstairs “just write your name on a piece of paper and stick it up on the door” he said.  i suspect this may be a secret to greater successes as well.

now, i will say it’s not like the green rooms were stocked with whiskey and girls or anything but it was still really nice (and certainly a great gesture on john’s part).  there’s something about knowing that you are getting something you wouldn’t normally get that makes even small conveniences really exciting.  we watched other bands from the aural comfort of our balcony, we nervously explored the walls and walls of photos of notable acts that adorned the hallways of the previously inaccessible upstairs, we delighted in the absurdity of finding a fan-made poster that had been left behind by the room’s previous occupants.  it was awesome.

in other news, mixing has commenced on our ep.  kyle from ktr recording is once again at the helm.  i just can’t say it enough times, i’m so excited for this record to come out, it’s gonna sound great.

we’ll be in albany at the end of the month and then back to burlington, vt for my (john) birthday show.

love n’ stuff




i just watched this and felt some crazy ideas start to percolate.

t-shirts are done, more on that later.



vote for near north!


our kickstarter campaign was super successful.  thank you to all who contributed.  we exceeded our goal and will use the extra money to upgrade to 180 gram vinyl and purchase packaging supplies.  our sessions at KTR recording are going very well and should be wrapping up within the next couple of weeks which is daunting/exciting/crazy/fun.

here is a recording we did at practice of one of our news songs.  the audio quality leaves something to be desired, but we’re just too excited about these songs to keep them bottled up!


in other news, our local weekly paper seven days is sponsoring a contest to get a local band on the roster for this year’s grand point north festival and we are fortunate enough to be in the final round!

this festival attracts some pretty great headlining acts not the least of which are hosts grace potter and the nocturnals.  one of the best ways for an up and coming band to get to “the next level” is heightened exposure and this would be an amazing opportunity for us.

fans can vote their favorite local band onto that stage via Facebook here.  voting continues until wednesday june 5th and folks can vote once every 24 hours.

we are pushing hard for this one and so far we are hovering within the top 5 bands but the number one spot has yet to budge.  with our ep on the way (on vinyl no less) this would be a really great time for us to get a little extra attention, it feels right and we want it bad.

vote if you can.




we’re so very happy to announce that with time to spare our kickstarter campaign has been fully funded!

admittedly, the process and prospect of asking for money from our fans, friends and families to make a record seemed strange and daunting at first but we’ve been really impressed and humbled by the generosity we’ve been fortunate enough to encounter.  it makes us want this record even more.

in addition to finishing the recording, we are about to receive our batch of new stickers!  we also should be screen printing new t-shirts but time has not yet allowed for that.

we’ve been slow to book shows this summer, but that will soon change.  more on that later.



back us, won’t you?


it begins…

check out our Kickstarter campaign here.




recording, screen printing and sticker…ing

hot on the heels of a great session at KTR Recording last night, we’re also gearing up to print a fresh batch of t-shirts and stickers!

here are a couple drafts of the designs


possible t-shirt design

possible t-shirt design


likely sticker design

likely sticker design


we are planning on screen printing the shirts ourselves.  it’s a labor intensive but ultimately enjoyable process that allows us to:  make as many or as few shirts as time (and beer) allow, get funky with fabric ink and generally have a good time together.  we’re going with sticker guy again for the stickers, they just make an awesome product.


guitar solo


last night was our second session as a 3-piece and it was just a great night.  we found ourselves vastly more productive and comfortable than last time and were able to get basic tracks for two new songs done plus rhythm and lead guitar parts for one of them.  as we tweak old arrangements and hone our new material to fit our leaner lineup we’re starting to realize our sound in a far more concrete way.  in other words, we can’t wait to play some more shows.




last week we parted ways with Jason our lead guitar player. bands are so emotional and personal and good ones inspire passion in the folks who populate them. changing members is challenging functionally and personally. we wish Jason the best.

we are in the midst of working on a single for release on vinyl. again we are recording at ktr and its been pretty damn great. klye is a great fellow to work with and is getting some great sounds for us and from us.

we’ll be playing our favorite spot the monkey house in a couple weeks as a 3 piece. normally we would approach such a daunting and relatively last minute task with more trepidation but the monkey house has become like a second home to us and we feel very comfortable trying new things there. it’s like if our living room had a bartender and pool table…and a cover.


our new stickers arrived!

in other news, I was pricing vinyl the other day so keep a look out for a nn 7″ in the new year.
if you just can’t wait for our next show to get a sticker, email us your address or better yet, buy a cd and we’ll throw one in.