Most Every Night


our full-length record is done and available here. as previously mentioned we are bad at updating our website so find us on facebook or instagram for the most up to date shenanigans. this site is reserved for lengthier if infrequent musings.



we are bad at updating our website!

but we do it for you anyway.

our full-length album is getting sent off to be mastered. we are excited and proud. we have fun shows coming up which will soon include a release show for the forthcoming vinyl but we haven’t booked that yet.

we have a lot to say about how we made this record, the shows we have coming up and other things less directly related to this band. but those are for another post. for now…



nn @ ww5!

in just a couple weeks we’ll be playing at the 5th installment of the Waking Windows Festival!

there are more wonderful things to say about this festival, its organizers and our fellow performers than could ever fit inside a humble website update, so for now, come out if you are even remotely in the vicinity of Winooski, VT and see as much of the festival as you can.

check our our set at Four Quarters Brewery on Friday May 1st at 5pm

it’s a great experience and we are proud to be a part of it. woo hoo!



NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest!

we have had a wonderfully busy beginning to the year so far. in addition to continuing work on our full-length record (more on that later), we were just featured on the Rocket Shop Radio Hour where we previewed a rough mix from the aforementioned record in the works. you can listen to that here.


all this, some great shows coming up (also more on that later) AND we just submitted our video to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest!

the contest gives unsigned bands the chance to play a Tiny Desk Concert, which is super cool.

oodles of thanks are due to our fearless videographer Dan Hoene and to KSV for offering up their office space. thanks guys!


on the rafters


our record is DONE and it has a COVER and it looks like THIS!

this precious beauty has been sent off to the fine folks at United Record Pressing to be made into something that will last forever.  our kickstarter rewards are beginning to go out with the exception of the vinyl which will done in a month or so.

it’s been a long and incredible process and i’m sure i’ll get all misty eyed when i’m holding one of these in my hands.  for now, we are so thankful for everyone who believed in this project and backed our kickstarter, the fantastic Brian Mullins who designed the cover for us, the incomparable Paul Sarne who takes our picture and makes us look cool and Mr Kyle Rose our everlasting light, amazingly generous and awesome dude, our knight in shining armor and keeper of the mini-fridge that shall not be opened.  Ever.

check out a preview track from “On The Rafters”

The Monkey House – Winooski, VT w/ The Mountain Says No 12-5-13

The Monkey House - Winooski, VT w/ The Mountain Says No 12-5-13

We’ve been waiting to play with these guys for some time now, it promises to be delightful!

stuff we see at venues: vol. 3-6

These next four volumes of our “stuff we see at venues” series are all brought to you by the green room at everyone’s favorite place for gravy fries! These images are no doubt familiar to many VT musicians and we just couldn’t contain the weirdness any longer!
You may be asking yourself “why combine FOUR installments of your website’s most popular only series? Isn’t that just madness??!!”
For the same reason some intrepid artistic visionary and apparently bored musician turned Homer Simpson into a dick monster: because we can.


The Snowshoe – Montgomery Ctr, VT 12-7-13



first non-private party show in ‘gumry in some time.  it shall be epic…

Halflounge – Burlington, VT 10-4-13


halflounge, wholeshow

Radio Bean – Burlington, VT 9-4-13




take you pick, we couldn’t decide…