just so the first picture on our website is never a member crudely scrawled on tp…


stuff we see at venues: vol. 1

apart from the misdirected vulgarity, i am kind of impressed. toilet paper has to be hard to draw on with a ball point pen…


world famous…

immediately following the super fun toys for tots rock recital, we booked another show with our pals Seamus the Great. this time at the world famous charlie o’s in montpelier.


it was our first time there and we had a blast.

toys for tots rock recital!



here we go folks, your chance to decompress after thanksgiving craziness and black friday consumerism and all for a good cause!  we have some new friends called seamus the great and they’re, well…great.  so great in fact that they invited us to headline this here shindig for charity.  5 bucks or a toy donation gets you in to this super fun night of rock and roll at nectar’s!  we’ll be joined by kinky creature and bombardier to pilot.

stay tuned for news about our next show (also with seamus the great) at charlie o’s.

higher ground

this past july we participated in Higher Ground’s Northern Exposure series.  it was an awesome night on a great stage and of course our dear buddy and shutter bug extraordinaire Paul Sarne was there to help make us look cool.


the taz michaels show

a sampling of the great Paul Sarne‘s account of our first foray into live radio on The Taz Michaels Show.


Taz and Shannon, the awesome, welcoming, capable hosts and us, the sweaty sweaty band



handsome devils

joe is a total badass and played despite his badly cut finger.  his bass now has bloodstains.  like i said, badass.



radio radio

it’s been busy in near north land.  too busy to post on our own website it would seem.

we played live on the radio for the first time tonight and it was a huge success!  the fantastic Taz Michaels Show was kind enough to have us on they are so super nice.  bonus!

in other “firsts” news, tomorrow night we play out first show at Higher Ground.  it’s a pretty important place tom play for a local band in our corner of the world and it’s looking like we will have an impressive turnout even with our 11PM start time!

more pictures from the amazing Paul Sarne to come.  pics from our radio show and the HG gig.  now i have to sleep, so do you.




back at it and first EP news!

by next friday this will exist and it will be awesome.











we’ll have cd’s and downloads will be available via bandcamp and in person at live shows.  get one.

our second night of tracking was last night.  with such solid drums already down, the rhythm guitars came almost effortlessly.











jason has stepped up his game as producer as well.











it started as a joke while we were tracking drums and jason was “producing” (i.e. sitting on the couch, trips for beer and the suggestion of one very well placed mic), but last night he was a guitar tone magician and just all-around badass.  we’re kind of good at this.

for any gear nerds out there, we tracked the guitars with my ’72 fender quad reverb and a borrowed ’74 fender princeton.  i had to take a picture of the tone settings on the quad because i fell in love all over again last night.








joe will be up next for some bass tracks.  i’ll keep including studio details and tasty secrets as we proceed.  this session’s secret?  wyatt is BACK and he found the rhodes…














actually recording…

went so fucking well.  all trepidations were forgotten and we owned the drum tracks.  boosh.  that’s the thing about something you love, in the abstract you can doubt it, rationalize yourself into fearing it, but once you are in the midst of it, there’s no turning back.  this is going to sound REALLY good.








chris did this.  isn’t it cool?

in other news, we’ll be at manhattan pizza once again this evening for a KTR presents show with Suicide Doors and then at Bayside Pavillion in St. Albans on Tuesday.

busy boys.  be well.


while i continue to struggle with artwork for the first ep (recorded as HoHW) it might seem strange for us to dive back into the studio to begin the whole process once again before we’ve finished it the first time.  logic and grammar aside, we were presented with a unique set of circumstances that demanded action; a new lineup, a fresh batch of tunes that are feeling more and more like what we are supposed to sound like and a groovy partner mr kyle rose of KTR Recording who is a very cool and generous guy.

we’re approaching this differently than we did the first time around.  last time we recorded just about everything live, all of us in a room being recorded together, even some of my vocals were the “scratch” tracks.  the result is a somewhat loose, raucous vibe that turned out quite well (if you have not done so, why not download a free sample track from the first ep here).  for this group of tunes we are going to “track”, meaning that we’ll start with a basic version of the song to be used as a guide and each of us will record our parts to that guide separately.  the intent is to give us a cleaner final version with more space to focus on fine tuning the arrangements and more precise dynamics.  we hope.

no matter how you slice it, going into the studio is a mixed bag.  don’t get me wrong, i love it, but it is work.  the excitement of realizing our vision for the songs gets mixed in with the pressure to get it right.  the goal is to get something honest and fun and visceral and often the precision and planning that studio work demands can seem at odds with that end, but try we must.

i’m starting to feel like this post will make me sound like a huge bummer, which isn’t the case.  i couldn’t be more ready or fired up to take this on with these guys, i’m just feeling introspective this morning and thought i would share.

speaking of the artwork for the first ep, i have scheduled time with multi-talented dynamo Paul Sarne of photo shoot fame to help get that finished, so we should see some hard copies before too long.

when we met with kyle to talk particulars about the recording i found this outside the studio.  i take this as the best of omens.