“Flirtations with country, punk and surf-rock buoy the group’s chunky alt-rock sound. Vocalist John Nicholls sings with the fervor and desperation of a young Bruce Springsteen. Hooks are anthemic and utterly singable; guitar tones are dialed in to perfection. Despite its piecemeal inception, the record feels cohesive. And it rocks. Hard.”

-Jordan Adams, Seven Days

From his review of “Most Every Night.” Read the full review here.


“An immediate standout on Americana trio Near North’s full-length debut Most Every Night is the holler-along brawler “Good About You.” The song channels the best of classic rock, bringing to mind bands like Thin Lizzy. But the artist that actually inspired the song couldn’t be more different…”

-Ray Padgett, County Tracks

Read the rest of his blog post here.

“…the sound swerves from lilting and soaring to feverish and pumped stuff with a side of jangle. You’ll swear you’ve heard the pleading vocals of guitarist John Nicholls somewhere before, but stop trying to figure it out and just tune in.”

-Paul Schomer, Radio Crowdfund


“…honing in on a guitar-centric brand of driving alt-rock built on sturdy hooks and fiery riffs.”

-Dan Bolles, Seven Days

From his review of “On The Rafters.” Read the full review here.

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