our kickstarter campaign was super successful.  thank you to all who contributed.  we exceeded our goal and will use the extra money to upgrade to 180 gram vinyl and purchase packaging supplies.  our sessions at KTR recording are going very well and should be wrapping up within the next couple of weeks which is daunting/exciting/crazy/fun.

here is a recording we did at practice of one of our news songs.  the audio quality leaves something to be desired, but we’re just too excited about these songs to keep them bottled up!


in other news, our local weekly paper seven days is sponsoring a contest to get a local band on the roster for this year’s grand point north festival and we are fortunate enough to be in the final round!

this festival attracts some pretty great headlining acts not the least of which are hosts grace potter and the nocturnals.  one of the best ways for an up and coming band to get to “the next level” is heightened exposure and this would be an amazing opportunity for us.

fans can vote their favorite local band onto that stage via Facebook here.  voting continues until wednesday june 5th and folks can vote once every 24 hours.

we are pushing hard for this one and so far we are hovering within the top 5 bands but the number one spot has yet to budge.  with our ep on the way (on vinyl no less) this would be a really great time for us to get a little extra attention, it feels right and we want it bad.

vote if you can.



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