recording, screen printing and sticker…ing

hot on the heels of a great session at KTR Recording last night, we’re also gearing up to print a fresh batch of t-shirts and stickers!

here are a couple drafts of the designs


possible t-shirt design

possible t-shirt design


likely sticker design

likely sticker design


we are planning on screen printing the shirts ourselves.  it’s a labor intensive but ultimately enjoyable process that allows us to:  make as many or as few shirts as time (and beer) allow, get funky with fabric ink and generally have a good time together.  we’re going with sticker guy again for the stickers, they just make an awesome product.


guitar solo


last night was our second session as a 3-piece and it was just a great night.  we found ourselves vastly more productive and comfortable than last time and were able to get basic tracks for two new songs done plus rhythm and lead guitar parts for one of them.  as we tweak old arrangements and hone our new material to fit our leaner lineup we’re starting to realize our sound in a far more concrete way.  in other words, we can’t wait to play some more shows.



3 thoughts on “recording, screen printing and sticker…ing

  1. Salutations from the road. Can’t wait to hear the new recordings, glad it’s coming along. I favor the ‘likely’ design myself.

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