back at it and first EP news!

by next friday this will exist and it will be awesome.











we’ll have cd’s and downloads will be available via bandcamp and in person at live shows.  get one.

our second night of tracking was last night.  with such solid drums already down, the rhythm guitars came almost effortlessly.











jason has stepped up his game as producer as well.











it started as a joke while we were tracking drums and jason was “producing” (i.e. sitting on the couch, trips for beer and the suggestion of one very well placed mic), but last night he was a guitar tone magician and just all-around badass.  we’re kind of good at this.

for any gear nerds out there, we tracked the guitars with my ’72 fender quad reverb and a borrowed ’74 fender princeton.  i had to take a picture of the tone settings on the quad because i fell in love all over again last night.








joe will be up next for some bass tracks.  i’ll keep including studio details and tasty secrets as we proceed.  this session’s secret?  wyatt is BACK and he found the rhodes…














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